Husband And Wife Writing Duo From Within And Without The Penal System Setting

Hello everyone, I am Leonna Abraham Brandao, Host for Blog Talk Radio/ Shedding Light.  People make mistakes in life and are pay a high price for those mistakes. However, incarcerated human beings should not be judged or stereotyped, as circumstances leading to downfalls, are all different and many under the age of 25, when committing a crime. C.W. Fleming, is a husband and wife writing duo who personifies the meaning of “no holds barred” with an ability to thrive as a couple in spite of being physically separated by incarceration. Candace incorporates her background in education and love for writing into publication of their works. Willie, who survived the harshest of at-risk factors, is equipped to speak to the persistent pains of all types of individuals. As such Willie is the creative engine behind the literary works produced by the couple, from concept to creation.  His pen provides a unique perspective to world issues and offers solutions to social problems. Willie, received a 48 year sentence in the Texas D,O.C.  and going into his 10th year of incarceration, has written three, now published Books. “Elephant Valley: Love Tested “, “Jesus Christ in the Criminal Justice System ” and “The Prisoners’ Pen” . Many in society believe rehabilitation comes from within the penal system. But who really rehabilitates who? Most Rehabilitation comes from prisoners themselves, with support from the outside. Click below to listen to the wife of  Willie Fleming, Candace Fleming, to tell their story.

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